Monday, August 31, 2009

Pandas and Vacation

Chances are you've noticed that I've been remiss on blog posts for the last few weeks. It's true; I've been lazy.

And it's only getting worse between now and September 10 -- I'll be traveling until then, for work and vacation. On the bright side, I'll be visiting some good spots for blog material and will be downright annoying with this site in the last weeks of September.

In the meantime, last weekend I got a chance to check out the developing Asia Trail exhibit at the National Zoo.

After all my time working on zoo exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, I was excited to see a good capital project develop in DC. And I liked that fence detail, too.

Of course, nothing beats my previous visit to the National Zoo in February 2006, when the curators there were kind enough to show me some of the cooling enclosures designed to keep the pandas comfortable on hot summer days. As you can see, they also indulged me in a snapshot with one of their famous tenants.

Please come back in a week or two for more New York, Plants and of course the Other Stuff.

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Sally said...

Shitake happens. Love the photos.