Monday, September 14, 2009

Hollyhocks on the Tuileries

In the posts to come, you will see that I was in Paris and Barcelona for the past two weeks. I have lots and lots of photos to share. But we'll start back with a somewhat brief post.

I love these dark, almost perfectly-black hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) growing in the parterre gardens at the west side of the Tuileries.

The last hollyhock I posted, though very tall, was not the best specimen of this wonderful perennial.

You may notice the staminal column in the flower and realize that this is a Malvaceae family plant and is related to Hibiscus syriacus and H. moscheutos.

Now then, but why the great name hollyhock? I was hoping to find some clever story about the origin of the common name, but unfortunately I have been able to dig up was that it's derivative of the old English word holyoke. Ah well.

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Invertir en oro said...

Wow! great blog. I know you went surfing one past New Years Day, so this is sans wet suit, san boots, gloves hat and so on. Congrats.