Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have been eyeing this median strip planting on Houston Street for a few weeks now. Each day on my way to work, I mean to stop by and take a few photos of the Gaura that's blooming there.

I finally got around to it yesterday.

Gaura lindheimeri or Gaura, or wandflower or butterfly gaura is a sweet, light, long blooming native perennial. The tall stems on which the flowers sit - in the right planting - can catch the wind easily, thus the name for this cultivar, 'Whirling Butterflies.'

Guara is derivative of the Greek word 'gauros' which means superb, majestic and proud. Lindheimeri comes from the name of Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, a German-born man who ultimately found political exile in Texas. He is considered the 'Father of Texas Botany' - at least according to his wikipedia page.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you cover Gaura -- I have it in my yard and love that plant.

Ms said...

I continue to love this blog. I am getting great ideas for the garden during all the seasons. It helps me plan for the following season.

Mike said...

This remains one of my favorite blogs. The plant information, of course, is very helpful to an amature gardener like myself. I also greatly enjoy your ocassional "other stuff." Your "ten year" post was terrific. you are quite an accomplished writer. Keep it coming.

Tina said...

I just put this in my yard this year. I love it. I was excited to learn more about it.

Anonymous said...

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