Monday, August 11, 2008

M'finda Kalunga Summer Plantings

This is a mid-July shot of the M'finda Kalunga community garden. It's nothing too fancy, but I like the use of variegated Aegopodium podagraria to emphasize all the pastel hues. Add to that, the triangulated punctuations of red. The whole scene seems very painterly to me.

Aegopodium, also called Bishop's Weed or Snow-on-the-Mountain, is the variegated groundcover in the photo. Aegopodium literally translates as Greek for Goat Little Foot. Supposedly because the leaves look like goats' feet. Another common name is Goutweed as supposedly this plant had medicinal benefits for those afflicted by gout, or podagra as it is called in Latin).

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