Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hungry March Band

Shortly before the Fourth of July weekend I got to enjoy some street music near my apartment. They were back again last night and I took some video:

I talked to the drummer to ask if it was okay to post this clip and found out they were the Hungry March Band. They were using the Park as a practice space, understandable since you'd need a pretty big studio to contain them. I was asked to underscore that the above was a rehearsal -- and if you listen to clips on their site you can here some of their more polished numbers.

But as I listened, I found the disclaimer was unnecessary; they sounded great. Last time, I mentioned that they sounded a little like they were from the jazz age, but failed to comment on the great klezmer influence. Definitely check them out!

To any friends in DC, they'll be at the Kennedy Center this September.

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