Monday, July 28, 2008

Cotinus, revisited

Previously, I've commented on being less than crazy about Cotinus coggygria, or Smoketree.

I'm still not a fan, but in fairness to the plant, I thought I'd post this shot at City Hall Park:

I like the differing textures between the pine and dogwood in the background, the herbaceous plants in the foreground, and the Smoketree. Add to that, the purple does pop out fairly nicely (though I still think purple foliage plants should be used judiciously.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! An often ignored detail of the park. Thanks.

If you get a chance, post some pictures of the damage by students of the Ross School to the 150-year-old trees and shrubs in the Northeast lawn. Hopefully next semester the school will offer a program on proper care of nature and our city commons in their curriculm.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing about the Smoketree in City Hall Park. I love the way the color of the foliage stands out.
By the way, I really love your blog. Sometimes I just wish the photos were a bit bigger... I am a photographer who's studying Landscape Design at Columbia University. You mentioned that you teach. May I ask where?

Jennifer said...

Hah, if you are in the MS program at CU than you are (or will be) a student of mine. I've added a bit to the "about me" section so you can get the info there, but I teach the plant ID course at CU.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was supposed to take your class this summer, but I had to take the semester off since my father just passed away. I will be in your class in the fall. Looking forward to it.