Monday, July 14, 2008

91st Street Garden, Riverside Park

I remember seeing the movie, 'You've Got Mail' and thinking, 'Wow, what a pretty garden! ...I wonder if they forced some of those plants to shoot this scene?' during the ending.

In case you too were momentarily distracted from the romantic tribulations of attractive, professional, and unimpeachably nice New Yorkers due to the cinematic horticulture, you may like to know this is the 91st Street Garden in Riverside Park.

As you can see, it's still a lovely garden, and I bet in May it looks just as colorful as it did in the film.


Anonymous said...

what an totally beautiful garden, little wonder that the film makers chose to shoot the most romantic scene in it!

Anonymous said...

I should have said, the film I refer to is of 'You've got mail, which I have just watched on the television, but I'm sure you guessed that already. It's a great film, beautifully made with great artistry and attention to detail, very clever stuff. Love it.