Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picea abies

Remember in December when I posted about Picea abies? Probably not -- who am I kidding? But in any case, I had written that I have seen more than one modest rancher dwarfed by these trees. On first glance, I thought that situation was being played out at the farmer's market near Dia:Beacon.

But after getting a closer look, that's not quite the case.

Sure enough, the Beacon farmer's market cabin was built around the Norway spruce. I suppose, were I a more intrepid blogger, I would have asked someone the back story about the tree. But I was quickly distracted by the wine tastings and hot apple cider.


Anonymous said...

Sunset's Rocky Mountain "idea house" has a deck that was similarly built around a tree. But like many things Sunset, while the idea was cool, the reality was a failure. They ended up with a deck with a hole in it - the tree was killed somehow during the construction of the house.

Oh, and you're not kidding yourself. I remember your picea abies post.

Jan Johnsen said...

I had a client who insisted on building her deck around a grand oak tree.....only to see it die a slow death....but here it works! love this post.