Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Well, it's been a hectic time here at the New York, Plants & Other Stuff headquarters. Last week, I was only able to post one measly item, though strangely it provided affirmation that my friends and family members actually read this blog -- I received more unsolicited remarks about that post than the last fifty!

Anyway, I was hopscotching through the middle Atlantic states last weekend, enjoying the spring weather, and was able to do a quick run through of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

I have a soft spot for these events. It's always fun to see weirdness like the image above. You'd never really encounter Forthergilla and Echinacea blooming at the same time unless some plantsperson forced the two at precisely the right schedule.

This year's theme was Passport to the World which I enjoyed quite a bit - participating vendors would select a region for their theme, and most would use natives that corresponded to said region accurately.

More later this week.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Philadelphia. Love it there. Hope to see some more blogging on the show.