Monday, January 18, 2010

Straddling Seasons

Yes, I know it's barely one month into winter, but it's time to start thinking about spring, no?

I mentioned once before how, in New York, when all else fails, we can gauge the change in seasons by what's on display at the bodegas. Well, this picture seems to perfectly illustrate where we are in the year.

We still have the leftover mini Christmas trees and the Amaryllis bulbs (typical for holiday flora), but they are slowly being edged out by jonquils and Iris reticulata. Soon we'll see forced hyacinths in the delis and after that, cut daffodils and finally lilacs!

Though it's hardly a natural setting, this little arrangement in the East Village is a nice indication that warmer weather is ahead.


Anonymous said...

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Hydnophytum said...

In Miami the displays in front of the bodegas or botanicas (plants on racks) tells you what plants are in most demand. We have no seasonal changes, just hydroperiods. It used to be easy to find Petiveria alliaceae in the botanicas but lately its been difficult. Plant has become a popular cancer medicinal plant.

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