Friday, January 8, 2010

New Camera! & Links

So yesterday I finally got a new camera, which is very exciting since I feel like I'm traveling without a passport when I don't have a camera with me. It's a Canon PowerShot SX120IS - so far I like it -- my previous camera was a Canon and I am, evidently, in a family of Canon owners so there's a convenience to sharing the same memory cards and cables. That said, if you have this camera and hate it, please let me know. I have 13 days to return it.

Hopefully this means I will have some more material next week, but in the meantime, some links:

You may have heard that David Murbach passed away this week. Murbach was the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree hunter. He would scour landscapes near and far for the perfect Christmas tree, which we already know is almost always a Picea abies. He also founded a local horticulture group here in New York called MetroHort. I saw him speak there once - he shared slides with us of various seasonal landscape schemes for Rockefeller Plaza and elaborated on how they were designed and how plants were sourced. The New York Times has an obituary of him here.


US News and World Report published an article called, Top 50 Careers for 2010. Landscape architecture is listed in the category "Creative and Service" - this group seems like a bit of a catchall, since plumbers, funeral directors and security system installers are also included.


noel said...

i love that catchall comment of the landscape architects...i have a cannon rebel and i love it!

Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

Congratulations on the new camera. I remember last time you mentioned you wanted to buy a new camera. Other than the Nikon DSLR, I have a Canon S90 in my purse all the time and I love it! It works just like a DSLR except you can't switch lenses.