Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snow Leopards, Central Park

Last spring a new Snow Leopard exhibit opened in the Central Park Zoo. Despite the fact that I worked on the concept design when I was working at the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2006, I had yet to check out the exhibit until this fall.

It's been a busy week with deadlines so I haven't had much time to post to this site.

What better moment to post photos of incredibly beautiful felines??

The above is only posted so you can see the massive tails that snow leopards have -- they help keep the cats warm and I believe have something to do with their ability to leap great heights.

Definitely check out the exhibit if you're near the Central Park Zoo!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful animal. Pretty neat "other stuff!"

Sally said...

This is a lovely posting. They are beautiful animals. I like the dwelling and habitat. Good work.