Monday, November 30, 2009

More High Line

I promised to post more photos of the High Line last week, before delving into the plants in the park, but between deadlines and Thanksgiving, I never got around to it.

So, without further delay...

The High Line, as you may know, was a commercial rail track that ran along the lower west side of Manhattan. It was built in the 1930's and abandoned in the '80s. Remnants of the train rails remain, presumably as a reminder of the park's industrial past.

Long concrete "rails" cut swaths into the naturalistic plantings. I have heard some designers consider them trip hazards, but that seems a bit stodgy, considering children live for the chance to walk along balance beams of any kind.

This seating area takes good advantage of the framed view of the Statue of Liberty.

While the amphitheater seating that faces north on 9th Avenue gives pedestrians a chance to spy on the street level drama below.

Finally, an ingenious water fountain that recycles excess water by sending it into the plants' root zones.

More on the actual plants to come in the (deadline & holiday free) week to come!


How It Grows said...

I'm looking forward to learning about the plants...

Invertir en oro said...

Wow! great blog. I know you went surfing one past New Years Day, so this is sans wet suit, san boots, gloves hat and so on. Congrats.