Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Musk Mallow

Lately, I've noticed a larger variety of perennials growing in the Time Landscape on Houston Street. I'm not sure if they actually would have grown there naturally, per the mission of the Time Landscape, but they are certainly pretty. (Some background: The Time Landscape purportedly represents the flora that would be found growing here had Manhattan never been developed by man - sort of like a precursor to the Mannahatta project.)

In any case, it's lovely to see musk mallow, or Malva moschata, growing nearby:

If the species name rings a bell, it may be because it has the same root word for the species name of Hibiscus moscheutos. Like swamp rose, this plant has a musky scent. And indeed, the two plants are related -- both are members of the mallow or Malvaceae family.


Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Thanks for info/link on Mannahatta project! I wasn't familiar with this. Alice

Andrew said...

Plants are really good...do plantation..

Thank you very much...

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Molly said...

Looks like Sidalcea malviflora.

Anonymous said...

The Time Landscape had become very overgrown and full of trash, until Wilhimena took it over. She is the most dedicated gardener at the LaGuardia Community Garden 15 feet to the north. She has not continued the Time Landscape concept, but at least she has reversed the 20th Century Detritus concept.
You can often see her there with her long-haired daushhund.