Friday, June 26, 2009

Carpinus caroliniana

Well, I'd love to say that I went for a walk in Central Park yesterday, during one of are extremely rare sunny June days. And that while I was on this walk, I took this photo of Carpinus caroliniana, or American hornbeam.

But I'd be lying. 'Cause the only really nice day was on a Thursday, and I, well I have a job.

This was actually shot last summer, around this time of year. It is in Central Park, next to the loop road as it circles back north from Central Park South, rising in grade before you see Wollman Rink on your right.

I do love this tree, though. Usually multistemmed, it has a broad elegant habit and okay(ish) fall color. Of course the bark is the real attraction. Smooth and gray, it has a sinewy look, which accounts for its other common name, musclewood (or ironwood).

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