Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Butterfly Garden Pics

Some shots of the meadow that runs across the middle of the 1 acre exhibit. This is more or less the same view (different angle). You can see Baptisia australis (False Blue Indigo) is in bloom in the foreground, right in this shot:

Below, it as stopped blooming and Coreopsis grandiflora (Tickseed, midground) and Penstemon digitalis (Beard Tongue, background) has begun blooming. When the Penstemon begins blooming, you hardly notice the red foliage of its cultivar 'Husker Red,' though it adds a nice contrast during the rest of the season.

Neext is an autumn shot from the small outdoor pond (essentially midground left of the above photos), looking back towards the location where the top two photos were taken. Most of the meadow flowers have gone to seed as have the grasses. The large plumes behind the hawk sculpture are from Miscanthus x. giganteus. They weren't in the original plan (they'll become too big), but we needed last-minute filler.

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