Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bronx Zoo Butterfly Exhibit

Next week will be the 3rd birthday of the BZ's Butterfly Garden. I was lucky enough to work on this project during my three years working at the Zoo. There were dozens of people who contributed to it: architects, artists, sculptors, scientists, engineers, operational staff, educators, etc..

Construction completed in a shockingly fast (for a public project) 10 months. I was lucky to be working with a talented group of in-house designers, a great project manager, experienced directors and skilled contractors (my role was strictly landscape architectural). Not to mention, it was a treat to have a job site located a quarter-mile from the office. The last few weeks were harried, but if you'll pardon the cliche, it was a true labor of love.

So, to commemorate, I am posting a few photos this week of the project. If you haven't been, go check it out and tell me how the site is aging (I haven't been since last spring). I warn you now that the site is, no doubt, severely overplanted! (This can be the case when you need 'instant' plant growth for a public project.)

The site, before construction:

The same spot, after opening (this is the exhibit entrance):

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