Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zuccotti Park

Back when I used to work for the Department of City Planning, I'd spend a lot of time downtown in the financial district. On lunch breaks, I'd check out Century 21's newest inventory or browse the mall that once existed beneath the twin towers.

I had a friend who worked downtown, too and when the weather was nice we would sometimes eat al fresco at Zuccotti Park (also known as Liberty Plaza Park). That was back before 9/11 so I am not as familiar with the renovated design, designed by Cooper Robertson & Partners, and opened to the public in 2006.

Last Friday was certainly the first time I'd been near the park at night and I was struck by the lighting display. From a distance, I had to stop and wonder if it was some kind of art installation of fluorescent tubes, but then it became clear that they are flush with the paving.

I like it...but I can't help feel that inspires a touch of dread. I instantly associate that lighting with some kind of souless cubicle farm and I begin to worry about finishing my TPS reports.

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