Thursday, February 19, 2009

Garden "Statuary"

My aunt lives in Philadelphia and occasionally, when I am visiting, I will do some work in her garden. Usually this work is adding some perennials or planting bulbs, though sometimes I'll just make some small suggestions on improvements she can make.

More than twice I have hinted that perhaps she should remove the 2' high statue of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, which is prominently displayed adjacent to her front door. When I say this, she rolls her eyes and explains to me (again) that she simply can't remove it (or even transplant it to a better location, like behind her yews). The statue was a gift from one of her younger grandchildren, he is very proud of the gift and even sited it himself, and he very much enjoys seeing it each time he visits. Eh, what can you do?

I suppose it's all relative, anyway -- after seeing this a few miles away, my aunt's garden art seems downright subtle.

Need a closer look?

Yes, that's right -- her halo has been fashioned from neon tubing. The neon used to be blue, but apparently it has been replaced with pink. Unfortunately I didn't have the nerve to come back for another photo at dusk, but I promise to share it with you as soon as I do.

Honestly, I admire the unabandoned flamboyance of this, though personally I'll continue to steer my aunt away from garden statuary!

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Anonymous said...

I wager that you might land up as garden statuary with more blogs like this one. There are rumors of some unsavory characters in Philadelphia. Most with a devotion to these saints.