Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liberty Sunset Garden Center

This post is basically a shout-out to the Liberty Sunset Garden Center. I was able to visit it last night for a meet-and-greet event. It's a terrific space in Red Hook, sitting right on the water with beautiful views of the Verrazano Bridge. The people that run the place are all friendly and warm and offer an incredible selection of plants. There were beautiful pencil euphorbias and tropical hibiscus plants that equaled the height of most professional basketball players. Though the variety of large plants was impressive, they also had plants that would fit in a tiny Manhattan studio, too.

One of the things that made this place a destination was its selection of Columbian garden pieces. The shot below shows two sets of Columbian doors that had been salvaged and restored in their showroom.

I loved how they had taken the salvaged wood below and inserted recessed lights, it seemed like a creative way to use a prefab fixture.

I definitely recommend that you check the place out!

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