Monday, June 16, 2008


Since I started this blog, a handful of people have told me (via email) that they have tried to comment and could not do so without registering. I have changed this, so comment away if you like.

...I note this so you can comment in the future if you so chose. If you don't - if no one ever does - I will try not to feel too sheepish about this potentially embarrassing post.

Also: I see that on Friday I had 70 unique individuals hit this site. Which is about four times the average high. I can't quite figure out why so many people visited on Friday, but if you did, let me know, please?


JK said...

I have a question about some yellow roses that are growing as landscaping at the Bronx Zoo -- could the variety be Topaz Jewel, or if not, what could they be?

Thanks for any help with this!

Jennifer said...

jk - If you can tell me specifically where in the zoo, I may be able to help you out. Are they tea hybrids, or shrub roses? Rosa rugosas?

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