Monday, April 21, 2008

Weeping Cherries

It's uses like this that give weeping cherries (Prunus subhirtella pendula) a bad name:

Puny whips of trees placed right up against a building. Yikes.

I think if you're ever going to use this in a planting plan, you're gonna have to select one at a much larger size so it will look like something better than a McDonald's Fry Guy.

Next, it should be placed somewhere that gives it some room to go. When mature, a weeping cherry strikes such a lovely silhouette, but the sad little trees in the planters above don't stand half a chance.

These cherries are near the ballfields at the great lawn. You can see them from hundreds of feet away and they are beautiful. I can't think of any instances in Manhattan where a weeping cherry looks as thoughtfully (and successfully) placed as these two (though there is one in the courtyard of the Washington Square Village apartments that is pretty nice).

I still don't think I could ever spec out a weeping cherry, but these two in Central Park always make me question it once more...

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Christina said...

And what if I want my plants to look like furry guys?